STrategic Optimization of Prescription Medication Use in Patients on HemoDialysis

About STOPMed-HD

Our goal is to help clinicians and patients on hemodialysis safely deprescribe medications. Learn more

What is Deprescribing?

Deprescribing means lowering the dose or stopping a medicine that may no longer be helping, or may be causing harm.

Why Deprescribe for Patients on Hemodialysis?

Patients on hemodialysis take an average of 12 medications per day. Since many medications are not studied in patients on hemodialysis, the benefits and risks of these medications are not known. Patients on hemodialysis have a harder time removing medications from the body, so they may also experience more side effects.

Deprescribing Tools for Patients

Free information sheets and videos about deprescribing for patients on hemodialysis.

Deprescribing Tools for Clinicians

Free deprescribing toolkits for clinicians include algorithms, monitoring forms, and evidence tables.

Our research group is made up of pharmacists, nephrologists, and kidney patients across Canada.

We have published several articles on polypharmacy and medication management in the hemodialysis population. 

 Please contact your doctor or pharmacist before changing or stopping any medications.